Enhance your document with a hand-drawn Illustration.

Claudia Tregoning is a local illustrator offering ‘old-school’, hand drawn artwork services for reproduction to the Waite Campus community. 

Claudia has more than 40 years experience in a broad range of areas including advertising, fashion, wildlife, botanical, artist’s impressions, covers and more. Her work is for reproduction and publication so suitable for journal articles, books, theses etc. She can do colour or black/white illustrations and charges $45 per hour, including materials.

“I am quick and precise.  I have worked for Fisheries Department, Conservation, Education, Mines and Energy, and other. Also illustrated The Tropical Gardening Guide and The Common Fish of The Northern Territory, 2 Editions – 1981. Including Addendum to Environmental Impact.”

Samples of Claudia’s work are provided in the images below. 

Contact Claudia at:

Claudia Tregoning 
Email: ctregoning@internode.on.net.

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