Applications invited for a PhD student to join the University of Adelaide on the GRDC Acid Soils project. 

Around 2.0 M ha of cropping land in South Australia has surface soil acidity (0‐10 cm < pH 5.5) or is considered acid prone. This area is expected to double over the next 40 years if remedial action, such as the application of lime, is not taken.

Be part of the solution.

Join the University of Adelaide and be part of the GRDC SA Acid Soils investment:  “New knowledge and practices to address top- and sub-soil acidity under minimum tillage cropping systems of South Australia”.

Your PhD project will:

  • Investigate new amelioration strategies for acid soils in cropping systems
  • Assess different lime sources, movement and rates on soil pH and crop growth
  • Utilise Near-infrared (NIR) testing / spectral sensors to review lime and soil buffering capacity
  • Understand crop responses to variation in soil pH

APPLY NOW! Applications close 11th of October 2019

For more information please contact:
Dr Rhiannon Schilling

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