Staff and students from across the WIC and the wider campus gathered last week for ‘Friday drinks with a difference’. Held in the WIC Building’s shared staffroom, the inaugural WIC beer tasting built on brewing demonstrations held a few weeks earlier, and the scientific approach taken by the AWRI and University staff involved was evident in the tasting of the results.

Three beer styles – Wheat, English and American – were on hand to try. Mark, Jun, Tommaso and Lukas were kept busy pouring samples and answering questions from appreciative beer enthusiasts, some of whom were seen diligently taking notes.

The wheat beer station had five different wheat beers brewed using five different yeasts (German/Belgian/Saison/English and just for fun, the wine yeast – PDM). Three English ales brewed using 3 different English yeasts and another three American ales brewed using different hops (Australia/New Zealand/American) where also tasted.

At least 40 AWRI, CSIRO and University staff enjoyed the opportunity to mingle and try different beer styles – and for those working in wine research, the smell of hops was a refreshing change. It is hoped this exercise will become a regular fixture in the Waite calendar of events.

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