The Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre’s (FFWCRC) Industry Connection Hub has launched a very important survey in a bid to ascertain new training programs and innovative education delivery mechanisms to Australian food businesses in regard to food waste.

If you are in the food industry or know people who are, please get behind this important initiative, actively take part in the survey and promote it far and wide.

Industry Connection Hub Manager Emily Mantilla from Honey and Fox Pty Ltd (a participant company in the FFWCRC) said the survey is a critical first step in gathering information on what are the training opportunities and what knowledge gaps need to be filled for Australian food businesses throughout the entire supply chain.

“The survey results will ultimately deliver targeted training solutions that will help food businesses save money and help them learn and understand where they could be saving money.  It will also assist with the adoption of new, innovative ideas in business that will create new income streams from food waste”.

“Many food businesses could be making more profit from food waste!” said Emily.

The FFWCRC is currently looking for responses to this survey from the Australian food industry, from all different sectors and from all different areas of the supply chain.

“We are looking for responses from everyone – from growers, producers, farmers, those within the fishing and aquaculture industry sectors, harvesters, processors, value-adders, packers, those in quality assurance, sales and marketing roles, logistics, compliance (e.g. food safety, regulations, OH&S), wholesalers, retailers and food service” said Emily.

The survey will only take about 10-15 minutes to complete with a focus on four key areas:

  • Opinions about where food waste is generated most in different parts of a food business
  • What areas of training industry think will have the biggest impact on reducing food waste in their particular business or sector
  • What training already exists in Australia or overseas that could be adapted or updated to make it more current or Australian focused
  • How the Australian food industry would like training solutions and innovations delivered to them

Those that take part in the survey can also go into the draw to win a $200 VISA voucher if they so wish or they may choose a $200 donation to their favourite food rescue charity of choice instead.

Take the survey here now and be part of the fight food waste revolution in Australia:

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