Adelaide Microscopy is hosting a seminar on Cryo Electron Microscopy which may be of great interest to researchers working across the biological and medical sciences, particularly in the area of structural biology.

The seminar will be held at both our Frome Rd and AHMS locations throughout Wednesday the 30th of October (Note – seminar locations are at North Terrace, NOT Waite campus).

Focus Topics

  •  Single particle analysis
  • Cryo electron tomography
  • Microcrystal electron diffraction
  • Serial block face imaging
  • Array tomography

Agenda: Wednesday 30th October

10:00 am – 11:30 am Room NG27, Helen Mayo North Building, Frome Rd
Cryo Electron Microscopy Workflows

11:40 am – 12:40 pm Room NG27, Helen Mayo North Building, Frome Rd
Serial Block Face Imaging and Array Tomography

14:40 pm – 16:00 pm Room 1068, Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building, North Tce
Cryo Electron Microscopy Workflows

For enquiries, please contact
Ashely Slattery (

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