Applications for Churchill Fellowships are now open, with online information sessions throughout February and March to support an application.

A Churchill Fellowship is for any Australian who would like to explore international best practice and innovation or learn new skills from other countries. Applicants need to demonstrate a benefit to the Australian community in bringing back and applying learnings. Applicants are empowered to design their own projects and are expected to have researched, studied or worked through their topic or issue thoroughly in Australia before applying.

To support an application for the 2022 Churchill Fellowship opportunity virtual information sessions are delivered throughout February and March 2022. In these sessions Churchill Fellows share their experiences and insights on their fascinating projects and what they have achieved since returning to Australia. Take advantage of the live Q&A to gain helpful advice on how to apply. Registrations for these sessions are essential, so secure your spot at one or more of our Virtual Information Sessions and start thinking about applying for your Churchill Fellowship now.

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