The recent rain has brought on an early germination of the noxious weed know as caltrop (AKA; Bindii, three cornered jack) in several known hotspots across the campus. These are being managed in public areas by our Technical Services team and Campus Services.

Caltrop is a ‘Described weed’ and as such as land holders we are obliged by legislation to contain and control its spread in any area where our work takes us. Caltrop is a biosafety threat at various levels and we take our responsibility in managing its spread very seriously.

The University relies on all Campus users to help limit its spread. The University therefore requires all of our staff and students to ensure the following actions occur:

  • Please review the attached hazard alert and follow the instructions
  • For more information you can review the fact sheet issued by the Department of Natural Resources  here:
  • Campus based field workers should manage the weeds locally.
  • Supervisors of field workers should discuss with their teams strategies that will ensure seed burrs are not carried from field sites back to the campus OR from property to property
  • These may include but are not limited to:
    • Consulting with property owners before entering if they are aware of any areas where caltrop is present and growing.
    • Inspecting area of vehicle travel and/or work for the presence of plants.
    • Cleaning protocols for vehicles, boots and clothing.

Please note that as stated above, we are OBLIGED BY LEGISLATION to contain and control its spread in any area where our work takes us.

Your assistance in this matter is anticipated and appreciated.

DOWNLOAD: Caltrop weed identification

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