Bayer Crop Science recently launched a new program, named Testing4Ag. The global innovation program calls for external researchers to submit novel compounds to Bayer for testing, so as to help identify potential new modes of action for the control of fungal diseases, insect pests, or weeds.

The program offers no funding support, but its attractiveness lies in the following:

  • The submitted compounds will be assessed via Bayer state-of-the-art biological testing against a wide variety of plant pathogens, weed species, insect and nematode pests;
  • The applicant will have the chance to engage into scientific discussion with Bayer;
  • Test results will be shared back to the applicant for free use in their continued research;
  • The applicant and their organization will retain all rights to the potential IP generated through the program.

Deadline for proposal submissions is March 31st, 2022. Information webinars will be held in early February, applicants can register at the website for an opportunity to connect.

UoA Business Development Manager Paula Angerstein can also be contacted for more information on the program.

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