A jewel of a bee…

The iconic green carpenter bee is the largest bee species of South Australia. Extinct from the mainland SA since 1904, the species still exists on the Western half of Kangaroo Island, where the bees make their nests in the soft wood of dead trunks of Banksia marginata. In 2007, a large bush fire burnt down most Banksias and now the bees cannot find a place to nest.

Scientists to the Rescue!

Over the last five years, three bee specialists, including Dr Katja Hogendoorn, have successfully developed nesting stalks for the bees. As a result, more than one hundred females established a nest in Flinders Chase NP in 2017. But the nesting stalks will need to be provided for many years to come, as it will take about 25 years until the first new dead Banksia trunks are expected to become available to the bees.

Fundraising concert

B Keepers – Lucinda Moon | Baroque Violin

A delightfully varied program in the key of B, performed by one of Australia’s pre-eminent baroque players—the Partita in B minor of J.S. Bach plus works by Telemann and the ‘Swedish Handel’, composer Johan Helmich Roman.

Part proceeds of this concert will go towards preserving and creating habitat on Kangaroo Island for the endangered green carpenter bee.

WHEN: Friday 2 November, 2018
WHERE: Scots Church, 237 North Terrace, Adelaide
TIME: All Lunchbreak concerts at 1:10pm
DURATION: 50 minutes

Book through Trybooking https://www.trybooking.com/VEKO

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