The next round of the Superstars of STEM initiative is opening for applications soon and we encourage interested women from across the Waite to apply.

Superstars of STEM aims to smash society’s gender assumptions about scientists and increase the public visibility of women in STEM.  Science and Technology Australia started Superstars of STEM to create a critical mass of celebrity Australian female scientists and technologists – role models for young women and girls – and to work towards equal representation in the media of women and men working in all fields in STEM.

Waite participants in the program include Dr Roberta De Bei (current cohort) and Professor Rachel Burton (inaugural cohort, 2017) – both are more than happy to discuss their experiences with anyone considering applying.

“The Superstars of STEM program is a super way to expand your horizons by being a little bit brave and a tiny bit out there,” said Rachel.

The program runs for two calendar years with a total of 60 participants by application and competitive selection. The first year of the program will focus on professional development through a series of five workshops and the second year will focus on providing participants opportunities to practice their new skills through media and speaking opportunities in schools and on high profile stages.

Roberta appreciated the opportunities the program provided for her to meet people she would not have otherwise. “The high level workshops I participated in as part of the program also gave me a lot more confidence about the way I communicate my work.”

The current program concludes in December 2020.  The next program will run from January 2021-December 2022, and applications for this program will open in early July 2020.

Key dates:

  • First round applications open: Monday 6th July 2020
  • Applications Close: Monday 17th August 2020
  • New cohort announced mid November 2020

Dr Roberta De Bei and Professor Rachel Burton are Waite Superstars of STEM

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