Airbornelogic – Agriculture/Horticulture Production Optimisation Using Hyperspectral Imaging 

Water stress and disease present enormous challenges for horticulture and viticulture in a changing climate. Using cutting edge, drone mounted sensors, this research will investigate and assist early identification of these problems (particularly in the wine sector) and empower viticulturists to make decisions faster for both the financial benefit of their vineyard but also the sustainability of their precious soil and water resources.

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SARDI – Optimisation of South Australia’s Primary Industries 

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) are looking for three PhD students to undertake an assessment of South Australia’s primary industry sectors to determine what interventions will drive optimisation of production. Students with a background in agricultural and resource/water economics, economics and innovation adoption/ sociology are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Both these opportunities are open to domestic and international students, and the closing date for applications is 25 November.

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