CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation Studentships are run over the Australian summer holidays and offer high achieving and promising undergraduate students the opportunity to collaborate with CSIRO researchers in our world class facilities.

Students will have the chance to work on a real project in science, technology or a related field such as science communication.

Participation in the Vacation Studentship Program has influenced countless students in their choice of further study and future career options. Many have gone on to pursue a PhD and/or built successful research career; either within CSIRO, universities, or industry.

The following project is available at the Waite Campus.

Title: Microbiomes to enable food production on the Moon

Project #: Agriculture & Food 5

Description: Growing food in space to support long-term manned missions will require making use of the resources available beyond Earth. This project will explore the ability of microbes from a range of sources to colonise lunar regolith, a critical step in transforming this harsh material into a plant growth substrate.

Location: CSIRO laboratories, Waite Campus, Urrbrae, Adelaide, South Australia

Relevant knowledge: Microbiology, DNA extraction, basic molecular biology

Full details of all projects and application procedures are available at the website: https://jobs.csiro.au/job-invite/86483/


Gupta Vadakattu

Email: Gupta.vadakattu@csiro.au

Cathryn O’Sullivan

Email: Cathryn.O’sullivan@csiro.au


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