Over 40 registrants visited Waite this week for the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) 2019 summer school on 26 and 27 February.

The two-day event provided food science, nutrition and agriculture students and graduates an opportunity to learn and connect with their peers, academics and guest speakers from the Australian food industry, as well as gain insight and advice on prospective career paths.

Students had the opportunity to network with students from other universities, as well as hear from a very diverse range of speakers. Topics covered included how a reduction in sodium intake might be achieved through manipulation of the structure of salt crystals topically applied to various snack foods; the high level of quality assurance required for in-flight catering; the importance of addressing the issues of food waste and health and wellbeing; innovations in the areas of sustainable food sources and packaging; latest trends in the food and beverage industries and the increasing data base now available to guide new product development.

Guest speakers included: Dr Jane Bowen, CSIRO Senior Research Scientist and Dietitian; Professor Ian Fisk, University of Nottingham UK; Catherine Sayer, CEO of Food South Australia; Ms Fiona Fleming, Managing Director AIFST; Prakash Chand, Dnata Catering.

Participants were also able to experience local site tours around Adelaide with “real world” industrial or research facilities, offering opportunities to engage firsthand.  Tour Group 1 visited Lot 100, Hay Valley first, followed by Woodside Cheese Wrights. Tour Group 2 visited West End Brewery, followed by Goodman Fielder

Both groups enjoyed the opportunity to visit these sites, with Tour Group 1 sampling Green Ant Gin and Green Ant Cheese, while Tour Group 2 learnt about the various components that can impact on the flavour profile of beer and the wide range of products produced by Goodman Fielder.

Workshops designed to challenge food science, nutrition & technology knowledge and encourage critical and reflective thinking were also part of the program.

The University of Adelaide, Waite Campus would like to acknowledge and thank the AIFST for the opportunity to host the 2-day event and all the guest speakers, student presenters and industries who generously contributed to the Summer School. Thank you to Beltana Café for catering for the event.

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