Staff from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine have been involved in the development of a new book that will aid farmers, agronomists and researchers to produce well-nodulated legumes and improve farm systems productivity. The book “Inoculating legumes: practice and science” had contributions from Dr Maarten Ryder and Assoc Prof Matthew Denton, as well as from Dr Liz Farquharson (senior author) and Mr Ross Ballard from SARDI, along with a national team of experts in rhizobiology and nitrogen fixation by legumes.

The book contains chapters of inoculation in practice, assessing legume nodulation, rhizobial inoculants, rhizobia in soils and legume nitrogen fixation. This GRDC publication is a marked improvement on a previous version of the book from 2012.The 2012 edition has been a most popular publication in both hard copy and downloaded versions according to the GRDC.

The new book is available online, with hardcopies to be published in the coming months. It is expected that the book will be widely accessed by anyone wishing to improve their legume crops and pastures.

You can download the publication for free through the GRDC website here.

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