Applications are currently open for the Possingham Supplementary Scholarship.

About the award

The purpose of the Possingham Supplementary Scholarship is to support postgraduate Higher Degree by Research students studying in the area of environmental sustainability*. Environmental sustainability is defined in the broadest possible sense, and is open to applicants from any discipline (including but not exclusive to: engineering, law, mathematics, all the sciences, the social sciences and the arts) as long as the work has the potential to deliver a positive environmental outcome.


The value of the supplementary scholarship is $12,000 per annum for up to a maximum of 3 years ($36,000 in total), or until the date of submission of the thesis (whichever is earlier), subject to satisfactory progress. No extensions will be considered and no other allowances are payable. Any outstanding funds owing upon thesis submission (up to $36,000) will be paid to the student as a ‘completion bonus’.

To learn more and apply, visit: 

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