WIC Winemaking Services

LOCATION: Hickinbotham-Roseworthy Wine Science Laboratory (WIC East) on the Waite Campus, Urrbrae SA

What is WIC Winemaking Services?

WIC Winemaking Services is a specialist contract winemaking service with a focus on small-batch wines. Established as a joint venture between the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) and the University of Adelaide, its purpose is to support the Australian wine industry by providing high quality small- and pilot-scale wines and other beverages for research and commercial projects.

Managed by a qualified and experienced winemaker, the service also draws on the expertise and latest scientific knowledge of key personnel within the WIC partnership. Previous clients have used the service for process development, proof-of-concept and new product development, concept or process optimisation, competitor benchmarking, independent proof-of-performance testing and boutique commercial production. All intellectual property developed remains the property of the clients and all projects are conducted under strict confidentiality.

Services offered

  • Individually tailored winemaking, brewing and distillation trials, at micro-, small- and pilot-scale
    • Short and long-term trials
    • NATA-accredited routine juice and wine analysis for all trials
    • Out of vintage winemaking trials
  • Wine and beer filtration services
  • Small-scale bottling and packaging
  • Custom crush contract winemaking with grapes to glass capability
  • Pro-rata winemaking and viticulture consultation services.

John Gledhill

Winemaker, WIC Winemaking Services
T. +61 8 8313 7359
E. John.Gledhill@awri.com.au

Facilities available

  • Fermenter sizes ranging from 5 kg up to 800 kg
    • Tank sizes ranging from 100 L to 2000 L
  • Stainless steel kegs ranging from 10 L to 80 L
    • A range of presses (from 130 L membrane press to a 2 tonne membrane press)
    • Temperature controlled fermentation rooms
    • Small- and pilot-scale crusher/de-stemmers
    • Facilities for freezing grapes, juice or must
    • Barrel storage room
    • Bottled wine cellar
    • Analytical laboratory
    • Bottling line, with both screw-capper and corker
  • 6 x 30 L Grainfather all in one brewing kits
  • 6 x 30 L Grainfather conical fermenters
  • 630L Frilli copper pot still and copper alembic heads for Grainfather kettles.



To discuss how we can assist with your winemaking needs, please contact WIC Winemaking Services by phone on: 08 8313 6600

or via e-mail:  WICWinemakingServices@awri.com.au.

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