ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production

LOCATION: Wine Innovation Central Building, Hartley Grove, Waite Campus, Urrbrae

Who We Are

The ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production (TC-IWP) is one of only four such Training Centres funded in the first round of the ARC’s Industrial Transformation Research Program.

Administered by the University of Adelaide and supported by Wine Australia, the Centre brings together the diverse research expertise, facilities and commercial insight of 12 partners:

  • The Australian Wine Research Institute
  • BioInnovation SA
  • Charles Sturt University
  • CSIRO Plant Industry
  • Laffort Oenologie Australia Pty Ltd
  • Lowe Wines Pty Ltd
  • Memstar Pty Ltd
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd
  • SA Research and Development Institute
  • Tarac technologies Pty Ltd
  • Treasury Wine Estates Vintners Ltd

The interests and capabilities of these groups extend from grape to glass and therefore will be instrumental in the Centre’s overall objective or developing integrated, whole-of-production-chain approaches to managing flavour and alcohol in wine production.

The diversity of the participating researchers and organisations also provides an exciting and unique training environment for the Centre’s PhD students and early career researchers. All will have the opportunity to work closely with several participating organisations, and in fact will be placed for extended periods with one or more groups.

This, along with regular interaction with all participants in the Centre and a comprehensive program of career development activities, will produce PhD graduates and postdoctoral researchers who are well attuned to working with industry, thereby making them highly sought after beyond this project

Our Mission & Vision

The Training Centre will provide new knowledge, methods and technologies as well as highly skilled PhD and postdoctoral researchers to tackle the main challenges for the Australian wine industry including climate warming; water restrictions; changing consumer preferences; and rising wine alcohol content.

In this way the industry will be better placed to make the wines that the market and consumers want.

Key Areas of Research

  • The Vine – Berry development, water management, the physiology and genetics of the sugar/flavour balance, vineyard management, harvest regimes, and responses to smoke/bushfire.
  • The Wine – Fermentation management, microflora, sugar/flavour/mouthfeel/alcohol modulation, sugar/alcohol recovery methods.
  • Consumers – Consumer/market perceptions and preferences for alcohol corrected wines.

Professor Vladimir Jiranek
T. +61 8 8313 6651

Partner Details

  • ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production
  • T. +61 8 8313 6651
  • E.
  • A. Wine Innovation Central Building, cnr Hartley Grove & Paratoo Road, Waite Campus, Urrbrae – View on google map
  • Visit Official Website


Coombe vineyard expansion opening

The Waite’s Coombe vineyard extension was officially opened on 26 April, with research and industry partners gathering in bright, balmy Autumn weather to view and celebrate the new section.

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