The latest collaborative research carried out by leading experts at the University of Adelaide and the University of Nottingham will be the focus of the inaugural symposium of the Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance.

A large delegation from the University of Nottingham, led by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Shearer West CBE, is in Adelaide for the prestigious event, at which experts from both universities will discuss their work in the areas of Global Food Systems, Sustainable Futures and Intelligent Health.

The search for a better treatment for type two diabetes is just one of the projects set to be outlined at the event.

Researchers from both institutions will investigate brain signals in response to sweet sensing in the tongue and gut in people with diabetes, leading to development of new personalised dietary approaches and therapeutics for better disease management.

Professor Peter Høj AC and Professor Shearer West CBE at the signing of the memorandum of understanding. 

From exploring ways to improve diabetes treatments to discussing how multidisciplinary research in agriculture and food science can contribute to the challenge of providing healthy food in a changing environment, the symposium highlights the outstanding work achieved through the Alliance.

Successful applicants of the Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance Research Seed Fund, which has been set up to encourage further research collaborations between the two institutions, will also be announced at the event.

In a further show of commitment to the partnership, Professor Peter Høj AC, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, and Professor West will renew the memorandum of understanding between the two institutions.

“I am thrilled to welcome Professor West and the Nottingham delegation to the University of Adelaide for this inaugural symposium, highlighting the outstanding and strategic research that’s happening at our two universities right now through our collaborative efforts,” said Professor Høj.

“Our long-standing friendship with the University of Nottingham has been transformed into a strategic global partnership and we look forward to hearing more about how our leading researchers are working together to addresses the challenges facing not only Australia and the UK, but the rest of the world.”

Professor West added: “Professor Høj and I are delighted to join together with research leaders and talented early career researchers from our institutions. We will hear about their exciting discoveries and help our people spark innovative new partnerships, while our Global Engagement teams will work to advance support for our researchers and identify further opportunities for international collaboration.”

The Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance was formally launched in November last year and builds on years of collaboration in research and education between the University of Adelaide and the University of Nottingham.

Professor Høj plans to again visit Nottingham to further progress this global partnership.

The Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance Symposium will be held on Thursday 4 May.

This article was originally posted by the University of Adelaide Newsroom

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