The CAPEX project to replace the polycarbonate roofing on the North and South atria of the Plant Research Centre will commence on Monday 25th March.

The south atrium will be the first to be started on Monday.

The overall project will take approximately 8 to 10 weeks to complete, depending on climatic conditions i.e. heat, wind and rain. The replacement will be done in sections to minimise the impact on research and will require areas to be cordoned off as a construction site.

For the safety of staff, contractors and visitors during the construction phase please note the following:

  • Areas that are cordoned off will be deemed a construction site and any unauthorised entry will be reported by the builder as per any normal construction site legislative requirements.
  • Any reports of unauthorised entry will result in a HIRMS report for relevant managers to take appropriate action.
  • The restricted areas will move daily, as the replacement is completed. Only the areas where the work is being undertaken will be cordoned off, while contractors are working internally overhead on approved safety equipment. The area will be bunted off with safety mesh fencing , bollards and safety flagging
  • Greenhouse Services staff will notify greenhouse users the day before their greenhouse access will be restricted. If there is an urgent requirement to obtain access whilst an area is under construction please contact Nick Smart, Greenhouse Services Manager on 84392638 or Graham Fendt, Manager Facilities 0401122444 who will co-ordinate access with the builder. The process will be similar to the restrictions when the atrium walls where replaced recently.
  • There will also be restrictions to foot traffic in the open void areas of the atrium and upper plaza area at certain stages, an alternative route will be provided throughout the project.
  • The visitor carparks at entrance 2b will be unavailable during the construction period. This area will be a designated construction site for loading and unloading of material from large vehicles, as well as rubbish removal.

If you require any further information please contact Graham Fendt email  mobile 0401122444

Your cooperation during this period would be appreciated.