As part of the University’s planned maintenance activities, Spotless wish to conduct mandatory testing of Residual Current Devices and Distribution Boards in building 29 (WIC) on Saturday the 18th of August between 6am and 10am.

The testing shall result in power being ’shut down’ (turned off) for about 1 hour per board in this area and we would request that all equipment that may be affected by this work be appropriately turned off on the previous evening, so that there are no adverse effects as a result of our work.

We propose to carry this work out as agreed as follows between 6am and 10am for about an hour per board.

Should you have any concerns can you please contact me or the University’s Maintenance Service Centre – by COB Friday the 17th of August.

Damien Durant
Adelaide University Contract, Spotless
Ph: 0413 987 338

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