Do you like eating cooked potatoes? SARDI are recruiting consumers to sample a range of cooked potatoes!

If you are available to attend one of the sessions below, we’d love to hear from you!

Participants can attend one session from each block. For example: someone could attend Session 1A, Session 2B, Session 3C, Session 4A, Session 5B and Session 6C.

Time: 15-25 minutes
Location: Sensory Facility, Wine Innovation West Building, Hartley Grove, Urrbrae SA 5064 (Waite Campus, Adelaide)
Participants will receive: $10 Coles group voucher*

Available sessions:

Wednesday 11th  of April Thursday 12th of April Monday 16th Of April
10:30am Session 1A 10:30am Session 3A 10:30am Session 5A
11:00am Session 1B 11:00am Session 3B 11:00am Session 5B
11:30am Session 1C 11:30am Session 3C 11:30am Session 5C
2:00pm Session 2A 2:00pm Session 4A 2:00pm Session 6A
2:30pm Session 2B 2:30pm Session 4B 2:30pm Session 6B
3:00pm Session 2C 3:00pm Session 4C 3:00pm Session 6C


*Please note SARDI employees, you are welcome to attend this sensory study however we cannot award vouchers to you as per the SARDI Policy on the Receiving of Honorariums, Gifts and Benefits.

Please email to register your interest and the time at which you would like to attend.

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