Due to the gas pipe along the western side of Waite Road being replaced, there will be an interruption to the gas supply on the WESTERN side of Waite Road.

Buildings that will be affected will be the Waite Building and Charles Hawker. Depending on how long the first job takes they may do a second meter near gate 3 which will affect Southern Barns, Beltana Café and Urrbrae house.

Gas will be off from 7am to approx. 1pm

There shouldn’t be any problems but please ensure anything that can be turned off is turned off. Our onsite plumber will do a run through on Monday morning and relight any gas hot water services.

If there are any problems please feel free to contact me on the numbers below.

Linda Sperring
Site Supervisor, Waite Campus
The University of Adelaide
p: 8313 7217
m: 0435 658 501
e: linda.sperring@adelaide.edu.au

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