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Waite Research Institute Webinar Series: A/Professor Ken Chalmers

Dec 10, 2020, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


The WRI is pleased to announce that our research seminar series is BACK – although now online! Register now to join in from your office, couch – anywhere you like!

This webinar series showcases the excellent science our members, affiliates and collaborators are undertaking across the agriculture, food and wine sectors. Expand your network and find new collaborators!

Everyone is welcome – webinars are generally scheduled at 11am on Thursdays, with some exceptions. Registration is required.

A/Prof Ken Chalmers – Multiple genome assemblies reveal alien introgressions and alternative haplotypes in elite wheat and barley cultivars

WHEN: Thursday 10 December 2020, 11:00 am


An international research collaboration has unlocked new genetic variation in wheat and barley – a major boost for the global effort in breeding higher-yielding wheat and barley varieties. The 10+ Wheat Genomes Project, and the International Barley Pan Genome Sequencing Consortium have sequenced a suite of genomes of both cereals, which may open the doors to the next generation of wheat and barley varieties. Advances in genomics have accelerated breeding and the improvement of yield and quality in crops including rice and maize, but similar efforts in wheat and barley have been more challenging due to the size and complexity of their genomes, our limited knowledge of the key genes controlling yield, and the lack of genome assembly data for multiple lines of interest to breeders. Modern wheat and barley cultivars carry a wide range of gene variants and diverse genomic structures that are associated with important traits, such as increased yield, drought tolerance and disease resistance. This variation cannot be captured with a single genome sequence. Only by sequencing multiple and diverse genomes can we begin to understand the full extent of genetic variation, the pan genome.

About the speaker

Associate Professor Ken Chalmers’ research focuses on the role of molecular plant breeding in crop improvement. He is also the Post-graduate coordinator for Plant Breeding and Genomics within the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine. He leads the Australian participation on the Wheat 10+ Genomes and Barley Pan-Genome projects and participates in a number of large GRDC funded programs developing molecular markers for cereal breeding and isolating cereal disease resistance genes. Ken’s other research interests focus on the utilisation of genetic resources not only in cereals but also in Australian indigenous food and developing Chinese Traditional Medicinal plant species as sources of biopharmaceuticals.

Register at: https://adelaide.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_dTBsYoZnTaOArySfK2FDhA

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