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Webinar: Can we prevent COVID-19 from becoming a global food security issue?

Apr 30, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


In these uncertain times, it is critical to reflect on the potential effects of COVID-19 on the global agrifood system. COVID-19 has caused a unique shock to global food markets in that it is simultaneously affecting food supply and food demand.

Join our expert panel and explore key issues including how policymakers can learn from past food crises as well as what is unique about our current situation.

Rapid changes in food environments in relation to food availability and affordability increase the risk of food insecurity, which may influence dietary practices and potentially lead to deterioration in nutrition and health status among many groups especially the most vulnerable in Australia and elsewhere.

The panel will explore how policies can address critical issues throughout the supply chain, rather than focusing on just one part of it, as well as on policies that can support people to eat in affordable, safe, and healthy ways during the COVID-19 epidemic. A food crisis can be stopped through a combination of effective policies, ongoing market access, and efficiently functioning institutions, provided policymakers, the food industry, and the broader community together take the right steps to ensure food security.


* Professor Rachel Ankeny (Facilitator)  Deputy Dean Research, Faculty of Arts | Program Director, Agrifood Policy, Stretton Institute
* Professor Martin Cole  Head of School, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
* Professor Wendy Umberger  Executive Director, Centre for Global Resources and Food
* Dr Jo Zhou  Senior Lecturer, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine




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