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Waite Research Institute Webinar Series: Assoc Prof Stuart Roy

Sep 24, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


The WRI is pleased to announce that our research seminar series is BACK – although now online! Register now to join in from your office, couch – anywhere you like!

This webinar series showcases the excellent science our members, affiliates and collaborators are undertaking across the agriculture, food and wine sectors. Expand your network and find new collaborators!

Everyone is welcome – webinars are generally scheduled at 11am on Thursdays, with some exceptions. Registration is required.

Associate Prof Stuart Roy
International Wheat Yield Partnership – High value genes for enhancing wheat yield

ARC Wheat Hub, WRI and School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

WHEN: Thursday 24th September 2020, 11:00 am


Wheat is one of the most widely grown cereal crops, accounting for approximately 20% of daily calories and protein. To feed the world’s population in 2050 (approximately 9 billion people) a substantial increase in wheat production is required. The International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) has been established to address the challenge of raising the genetic wheat yield potential of wheat by 50% in the next 20 years.

In the course of two IWYP we have used a biotech approach to identify genes which can enhance the performance of GM wheat under field conditions. We have identified genes that can significantly enhance sugar and nutrient remobilisation from source to sink tissue. Over-expression of these genes results in plants with enhanced root&shoot biomass, increased tiller number and more grain per head. Individually, over-expression of each gene can enhance yield in the field by 20%, however, combinations of the genes can increase yield by 30%. More recently we have been working with collaborators from the UK and Canada, in manipulating genes involved in stomata signalling pathways for increasing yield potential in wheat under water limited conditions.

As there are no opportunities for commercially approved GM wheat, we are taking the knowledge obtained from the GM lines and looking to develop non-GM wheat with enhanced yield. First we identify the bread wheat equivalents of the transgenes and then look for natural variants and/or EMS mutants of these genes which can be used to enhance yield. We have been introducing these beneficial alleles into commercially relevant cultivars.

About the Speaker

Stu is a Associate Professor in the Plant Genomics Group at the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine, University of Adelaide. He is currently the Director for the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Wheat in a Hot and Dry Climate. His interests are in improving the abiotic stress tolerance of cereals crops, particularly salinity tolerance, and in improving cereal yield.


Register at:  https://adelaide.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_55jw9yBHQ-GRl7oStH_1jg


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