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From time to time, internship opportunities for students doing agricultural science programs arise at the Waite and will be posted here. Internships add depth to the student experience, providing insights and experience in a relevant working environment and helping students establish career networks as they apply their knowledge in a work setting.

For general job opportunities at the Waite, please see

Call for Workplace Experience Placements

The School of Agriculture, Food and Wine is currently seeking work experience placements from across the Waite campus for high school students for this year.

Scholarship for evokeAG event 2020

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology is is sponsoring six Emerging Leaders from across Australia to attend the two-day agrifood tech event in Melbourne on the 18–19 February 2020. Applications close Monday 13 January.

GRDC Acid Soils PhD Scholarship

Join the University of Adelaide and be part of the GRDC SA Acid Soils investment: “New knowledge and practices to address top- and sub-soil acidity under minimum tillage cropping systems of South Australia”

University of Adelaide-CSIRO Industry PhD Program

A project exploring the benefits of edible insects in the Australian diet is available under The University of Adelaide-CSIRO Industry PhD Program. Applications accepted up to 30 September 2019.

Why fungi isn’t always the good guy

Why fungi isn’t always the good guy

Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) partnerships are mutualisms between an estimated two-thirds of plants species and microscopic fungi that are ubiquitous in soils

STEM Professionals in Schools

STEM Professionals in Schools is a national volunteer program run by CSIRO that facilitates partnerships between schools and industry to bring real STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) into the classroom

The 2019 SAGIT Scholarship is now open

Applications are invited for the following scholarship leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 17 JULY!

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