The Australian Plant Phenomics Facility’s Adelaide node is offering a second-hand Demtec 1016 Smart Potting Machine for sale.


  • Clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation version potting ring (16 station)
  • Variable speed potting ring with electronic variable speed
  • Central adjustment for pot diameter
  • Electronically controlled heavy duty soil elevator with shovels
  • Single-sided pneumatic pot dispenser suitable for pots up to 20cm
  • Linear pneumatic pot take-off arm and connection with exit conveyor
  • Electronic variable speed for pot exit belt – 4m long and 210mm wide with support legs
  • Pot range: 7cm – 23cm
  • Speed: 1,200 – 4,500 pots/hr
  • Soil hopper: 1,000 litre, 1m wide, with automatically adjusted feed paddles
  • Drilling unit: 2 speed motor, forward/reverse, sizes 16mm – 150mm
  • Remote hand controller with lead for turntable and elevator speed controls, start and emergency stop – unit can be positioned anywhere on the machine or conveyor belt by the person in charge
  • Power: 415V 3 phase
  • Wheels for mobility
  • Compressor required – air supply max. 200 litres/min