Works on the upgrade to SARDI Molecular Diagnostic Centre laboratories on the ground floor of the Plant Research Centre (next to roller door 2 via Entrance 2A) commenced on Saturday 30 September 2017 and run through mid-December.

Areas in the PRC isolated during the construction process by safety fencing, witches hats and/or bunting are completely restricted during those times and are not to be entered for any reason.  This is a legal requirement.  There will also be regular restrictions through roller door 2 during the construction period.

Graham Fendt and other project management staff will work throughout the project to try to minimise disruption to operations, but inevitably certain activities will be impacted for short periods of time.

This project includes

  • The demolition of the existing Molecular Diagnostic Lab.
  • The construction of a new expanded semi-automated Molecular Diagnostic Lab in the same location.

For safety of contractors and staff please note the following.

  • Temporary safety wall/ fencing, witches hats and bunting will be in place where required.
  • There will be no parking along roller door 2 driveway to allow safe building works and pedestrian access.
  • All government vehicles that are usually parked in this area are to be parked in a designated area at 2C carpark. This will be co–ordinated by Craig Watson, Greenhouse Services on the Tuesday 3rd October.
  • At entrance 2A the existing disability carpark and ‘loading area 30 minute only’ will not be available. A temporary disability carpark will be available.
  • Motorcycle parking will not be available in the area.

Any specific requirements for your area or questions on the work plan may be directed to Graham Fendt in the first instance.

Thank you for your cooperation during this period.
Dave Stewart
General Manager, Business Support

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