Having enjoyed significant growth in the recent years, and appreciating the importance of best practice statistics in agricultural research, The Biometry Hub at Waite is announcing a hot-desk support program in statistical design and analysis of research studies and relevant data analytics for Honours and HDR students in the Schools of Agriculture, Food and Wine and Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

This program is only initially supported for the period July 2020 – July 2021, courtesy of the University and GRDC investment in the biometry capacity building in the Southern region. A contribution from the Davies Research Centre further expands the data analytics capability of the initiative.

The hot-desk will be managed by early career statistician Ms Annie Conway and operated by a team of five junior consultants in the Biometry Hub. The program will start on 6 July, 2020, with the hot-desk operating 3hrs each day in 30 weeks of the year, streamlined with the semesters.

We are offering a hot-desk support of 2hrs per student project to Honours and HDR students to discuss their questions and estimate the needs in statistical and data analytics methodologies. The self-booking can be made at https://biometryhotdesk.setmore.com/  also available on the Biometry Hub website. A MyUni site will open soon for the ‘Biometry Hub HDR Hot-Desk’.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let us know on the Biometry Hot Desk email, biometryhotdesk@adelaide.edu.au which is monitored daily. For specific and urgent requests contact the Head of the Biometry Hub, Dr Olena Kravchuk at olena.kravchuk@adelaide.edu.au

Visit the Biometry Hub website, http://ua.edu.au/biometryhub  for more information about our people, research, SAGI-South project, and statistical workshops and courses we conduct.

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