A further brew of ‘The Wreck – Preservation Ale’ has been made, giving scientists, historians and beer lovers across Australia a chance to try this unique beer.

Brewed with the yeast isolated by AWRI scientists from bottles found in the 1797 wreck of the Sydney Cove, the beer is the result of a partnership between the AWRI, the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery in Launceston and James Squire.

Kegs of ‘The Wreck’ are being distributed across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, SA and Tasmania in early August. A 750 mL bottle of the beer will also be available in very limited release through Dan Murphy’s from 23 August.

Contact the AWRI for more information about where to try the beer in your state.

Read more about this project: www.thewaite.org/awri-helps-bring-the-worlds-oldest-surviving-beer-back-to-life/

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