The University of Adelaide and Mitcham Council have agreed to collaborate on construction of pedestrian safety upgrades to Waite Road. The works will include a new wombat crossing, footpaths, pedestrian ramps and refuges. Details are shown on the attached draft documents.

Both parties have contributed toward development of the design, based on observation of pedestrian and traffic behaviour, feedback from key stakeholders, traffic legislation and standards. Both parties have also agreed to fund the upgrades 50/50, and works are planned for the second half of 2017.

A meeting was held at Waite Campus on 30 March 2017 which discussed the planned upgrades and was attended by Campus Representatives, University Infrastructure and Mitcham Council staff. Features of the planned upgrades were discussed, and feedback provided by attendees. At the meeting it was agreed that Mitcham Council staff would:

  • Finalise the design of current Waite Road upgrades, and keep Waite Campus Community informed of the schedule and scope of works (via University Infrastructure)
  • Commission a traffic study between Hartley and Cross Road once the currently planned works are completed (study proposed for 2018)
  • Advocate that DPTI investigate improvements to pedestrian accessibility and safety of the Cross Road/Waite Road intersection

Further updates will be provided when they become available, and consultation with site partners will continue via the Waite Strategic Leadership Group and Waite Management Group.

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