Wine lovers will learn more about the science behind red, white and even orange wines in an evening of wine tastings and stories in Adelaide on 15 August.

This ‘Complete Wine Science Spectrum’ event will bring scientists from The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) out of the lab and give them a chance to share their knowledge with wine consumers.

Held during National Science Week as a part of Big Science Adelaide, the evening will include guided wine tastings and discussions of the science behind wine colour and how colour relates to flavours and textures.

“Wine colour can give so much information about the characteristics of wines,” said Research Scientist, Dr Jacqui McRae, who is coordinating the event.

“This is an exciting opportunity for wine consumers to discover how colour is produced by grapes and then changed by winemaking and ageing to give such great diversity in wine colours. It will also focus on why wine colour has such a strong influence on consumer preferences.”

Wine tastings and stories are high on the agenda for the evening.

“We love talking about the science of wine,” Dr McRae added. “And being able to demonstrate the science through tastings makes the stories much more accessible.”

Expert panellists including Dr Creina Stockley, Dr Jacqui McRae, Dr Martin Day, Dr Marlize Bekker and Simon Dillon will discuss what wine colour can reveal about the winemaking processes, ageing processes, flavours and textures of a wine.

The ‘Complete Wine Science Spectrum’ will be held at The Store, 157 Melbourne St. North Adelaide, on 15 August at 5:30pm. Bookings can be made via the AWRI website:

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